Bringing the commercial focus to the farm and large estate, the RZTx is ready to handle the largest landowner’s mowing requirements. Developed from the commercial CZT, the RZTx cuts the large weekend chore into a quick operation. A robust selection in engine, drivetrain, decks and components deliver commercial-like capability at home. Perfectly balanced for superior traction, featured with standard roll-over protection and seat belts, difficult terrain is no problem for the landowner. Accessories for mulch, collection, and towing make the RZTx the versatile weekend work partner.

Prosumers Choice BCZ230TS Trimmer ($309.99 Value) or a EBZ5150 Blower ($359.99 Value) At No Charge With the Purchase of a Prosumer ZTR Mower 

Effective March 1, 2018 Thru April 30, 2018

Adjustable tracking 

The easily accessible adjustment allows fine-tuning of straight line tracking without tools.


Longer life due to premium integrated zero-turn transmissions featuring charge-pumps, larger drive axles and expansion tanks.

Zero-turn steering system 

Individual, hydraulic wheel-drive provides very precise maneuvering and allows the mower to rotate around its own axis. The result is increased productivity.

Comfort & Support 

The comfortable high back seat features standard arm rests. 

   The RZT comes in 5 different models                         to compare 

Easy-access service points 

Oil and filter maintenance, hydraulic drive system components/adjustment, electrical system and battery are all within easy reach so you can quickly get back to being productive.


Durable cutting deck 

The heavy-duty fabricated cutting deck features twin sheets of 11 gauge steel for added support for spindles and increased overall strength.

Daily Equipment Repair

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